Two Kingdoms Exist

Two kingdoms exist, one on each side of a deep river. The river flows from distant mountains that every spring release a rush of water from melting snow. At this time the river is impassable. By early summer boats can cross and trading can begin and carry on until late summer when the river dries to a trickle.

Why does the trade stop?

The river runs in a deep canyon which is too deep and steep to be crossed on foot. Later when the autumn rains begin, trade can begin again until winter when the torrents are too extreme for the small boats and trade stops again until the next summer.

On one side of the river are hills which are good for goats, deer, sheep and rabbits but not for wheat or barley but alright for beans and grapes.The other side of the river is quite flat and easy to plough with the help of oxen, so crops are grown, wheat milled and bread baked. Each side is timbered but the walls of homes are built from stone, and timber is used only for roofs, doors and simple furniture

The hill people are ruled by a very merry king who lives in a castle with his Queen and their four sons.

The plains people
are ruled by a very learned king who listens to his people, and who has built warehouses for spare grain after good harvests. He has hired several teachers who teach his peoples children in rooms in his castle.

He settles the price for each sack of grain for his people and for trade with the hill people.
He knows all the families who he rules and visits each small farm every month.
He checks their seed stocks, examines their oxen, inspects their ploughing and seeding, and takes a great interest in the growing corn, how it is ripening and when it will be ready to harvest. Because he is learned he takes a great interest in each of his 399 farms.
He knows every field and stream and house in his kingdom and every day his book keepers write up the progress for each farm that he visits.
The king has a very kind Queen who uses four rooms in the castle to look after the sick and the very old who have nobody to look after them the King and Queen have four daughters who take their lessons in the same school as the children from the farms.

Please offer a description of the Hill people's king.