Moon Real Estate AND Regime Change

Just suppose the moon had an atmosphere. It would have been explored already by now, by Russia and America.
They might even have agreed a territorial split of enough prime territory warmed by the sun for each.

Would we latecomers be allowed to land?
Would we be given "permission" by the MOON TWO to explore and have a small base on a remote, cold or seemingly barren part of the moon?
Would we have to rent our polar icecap from one of the BIG TWO?
Then suppose this was the case and we North Koreans with our still primitive rockets and space orbiters, cut a 30 year deal with Russia for a vast Siberian landscape remote from Russian and American settlements.

We know even bio crops are out of the question so at vast cost, freight in special moon surface drilling rigs.
After 10 years of hard going, many false dawns, accidents and huge costs our "offshore crews" strike it rich
It is 2020 just as oil was peaking at roubles 4500 per barrel on earth as oil got scarcer, we discover moon oil.
The Russians and Americans gang up on us
They place a protective screen of killer interceptor satellites around the moon.
They declare an earth/moon trade embargo because our government is not of the righteous democratic tradition.

It is not of the Bush/Blair model which so successfully crushed Iraq, Iran and Global Terrorism during 2005 to 2012, which enabled their peoples in expiation to repay the cost of the war on terror with a 20 year oil reparations agreement on the victors' terms)