Location, Location, Location

She, a stroppy sexy nurse or young teacher, with friends who are sincerely arty and "caring" in their jobs.

Saving and special house schemes already discussed 1/2 buy, affordable etc. No understanding of poor quality and poor future asset.

Against all her sense falls for a good looking estate agent who sells more than most people can afford and rakes in great commissions. He's out in the open - actually, quite analytical and decent.

She thinks this is unusual.
Later he explains that well located property which he mostly deals in is such good value, that he is setting clients up for life...
How, with massive debts?
Japanese house wives dump £ 's for minutes at a time. His property buyers are dumping £ 's for 20 or 30 years.

He says he inspects a lot of inferior positioned (social) stuff, but rarely takes it on.
When he does, it is because he is being pestered by a nauseating investor from Vietnam (Chinese actually) who despite high price and awfulness will make a go of this ex-council flat on a sink estate by letting it either to Poles (3 rooms, 3 couples) or back to the local authority for renting to homeless.
Not a good bet for an owner occupier !!