21st C -- New Brands and new Products
(also see BRAND LEADERS of yesterday)

19th and early 20th century was a time of great enterprise for young British wealth creators. They often used a family name as the brand name.
We have to make our way in the 21st century like these guys did.

Names to inspire OUR WAY include car makers such as Morris and Rolls-Royce, chocolate makers such as Cadbury and Rowntree, tea brander turned grocery chain founder Lipton, steel manufacturer Vickers-Armstrong.
  • They were often given land and premises to try out their ideas.
  • They were not subject to state interference
  • There was minimal tax and redistribution nonsense.
  • They often built homes, schools, clinics, streets, shops and homes for their workers.

21st C -- OUR WAY must be to abandon oldie failures.

The OLDIE WAY has created an £ 800 billion debt mountain and a UK loss of wealth during the last two years estimated at £ 7,000 billion (Andrew Haldane, Director of Bank of England).

is to move on from the OLDIE WAY.

The OLDIE WAY needs sorting out by oldies. They wanted jobs and pensions for life
They got fat and lazy on home values
They wanted life style and free NHS
They approved surveillance & cameras
They lost trust in each other.

They became control freaks who needed QUANGOS, THE WAR ON TERROR and an economic war on us under 30's.

They try to hook us on their taxing distractions and debt driven "shopping" so that not unlike sad immigrant "sex workers" we "under 30's" are duped into becoming OLDIE "tax slaves".



21st C -- OUR WAY connections must be greater than INTERNET facebooking to make OUR WAY

imagine -- design -- make -- sell                   and experience even if it is failure

Irving Brecher
was good in comedy writing. Even as a teenager he peddled his comedy writing to anyone who would have it. By 1936 he became the only writer on CBS radio and famous for the radio station comedy "The Life of Riley". [1]
'How are you doing?' 'Living the life of Riley!'

If you are a good at inventing things for having fun, look at Betty James.
"What walks downstairs alone on pairs/ And makes a slinkity sound?/ A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing/ Ev'ryones knows it's Slinky!" [2]

Are you a coffee-connoisseur who knows the secret of making a best Arabica free-trade coffee? Sell your superior knowledge to an events company and get a first deal for the sweet course and coffee for 50 guests. Make a success of this and the next deal might see you serving 200 coffees with chocolate truffles!

The point is develop a skill which you enjoy and take it to others to enjoy and pay you for their pleasure.







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