Typical Oldies' behavior:
One day a couple of Oldies arrive at the doctors and ask if he could observe them having sex to see what the problem was. The Doctor agreed and at the end of the session said that 'he didn't see anything wrong!'

A week later they came again and asked the doctor to watch again and diagnose any problems. Again, he couldn't see anything wrong.

This goes on for weeks. So the doctor asked why they kept coming! The Oldies said: ""If we go to her house her husband will catch us. If we go to my house my wife will catch us. A hotel costs 70 pounds! So here it's a fiver and the NHS pays the rest!"
In the meantime, I have to pay the National Insurance contribution added to income tax even though I'm healthy and haven't visited the doctor in years! But do I have a choice? Or do we live in a place where the poorer but healthier, finance the unhealthy Oldies?

It's Friday night and I'm young and I want to treat myself by going out; however, having paid my London rent, transport and about 30% of my income in taxes, I realized that most of my salary is gone! Oldies on the other hand pocket my high rent, often get free rides to visit their doctor and - wheezing and overweight - fill all the seats in doctors' waiting rooms.

I want to opt-out of income tax, out of the NHS, pay private health insurance (for an under 30 about £ 30 a month) and so force Oldies who take rent to use the money to compensate for their fatty generation lifestyles and misuse of so called "free healthcare". 'Knock, knock... Who's there? An Oldie... one that is not free riding any more!'
Two health insurance companies quote amazing health insurance deals for groups of 100 under 30 year olds. So if you are in a health club, check whether they have a scheme going for you. If not, why not?
Bupa Health Insurance: "Benefit being part of our health insurance membership club - no additional costs for children cover!" [1]

Tesco  Health  Insurance"Cover  from  under  £ 27  a  month  (based  on  a  30-year-old  living  outside  London, with a £ 100 excess). Includes a no-claims discount when you join." [2]

Oldies have organizations like SAGA who cozy up to distracted oldies and provide high price reassurance. We under 30's are low risk and deserve low cost deals for health insurance providing we opt-out of oldie like personal behavior.