NAs are also called proprietary associations.

A rare good NA will see oldies putting a share of their property loot into a common pot. NA actions can make a neighbourhood richer both in property value and spirit. Unlike individuals gold plating their bathroom taps, this pooling approach has each property owner contributing a loot slice to enhance the whole location.

Oldies are mean, untrusting of each other and become solitary, unlike hyenas which survive in packs. Occasionally an energetic contra oldie, like in a John Wayne western rides into town and saves snivelling, cowardly townfolk from the baddies. The town is usually small, no bigger than one of our city neighbourhoods. The threat can be from within or from a nearby town (neighbourhood). John Wayne acts dispassionately, his virtue rewarded, the neighbourhood renewed, refreshed, godly and decent again (until, long after the film is over, the oldies return to their old mean habits).

Habits such as...
  • wanting others to pay for everything...
    • bailing out the local primary school
    • getting rid of abandoned cars
  • not painting their house or fence
  • refusing a lamp-post in their front yard
  • holding up a neighbour's planning permission
  • picking fights with neighbours over trivia.
In short being unable to set and do a local agenda (which helps all and neighbourliness), except when a BOLT FROM THE BLUE threatens them all.