Not in Education Employment or Training - aged 16 to 24 (Standard 12 Aug 2009). No not nits or twits, just nitwits. In September over 900,000 of us. When you read this maybe over a million.

If each of us was working and clearing £ 10 grand a year, that's £ 10billion of extra spending a year on rents, clothes, music, booze, whatever. Great for landladies, stores, EMI and pubs. Instead oldies stack the deck so we are the biggest losers from their monstrous cock-up. Financially bombed out at home. Abroad our mates losing arms, legs and making the ultimate sacrifice.

Crafty oldies refuse to make economic sacrifices even now. They got free higher education but made us pay. So we have debts but the oldies keep the jobs and their property plunder. They betray our army mates with their meanness...
      Oldies stashed away over £ 3 trillion in property assets between 1998 and 2008.
They built bugger all of course, spending more effort in stopping housing schemes (NIMBY sabotage). So this stash comes for just being well greased property hogs. £ 3trillion is 3,000,000 million. 3 million quid for each of us NEETS. If even 10% of this £ 3 trillion had been used to build more rail, road and transport connections, we would have jobs. Instead oldie hogs borrowed to fill their own troughs. When the good times ceased, they stumbled stunned but sly into their overvalued sties as debts hit home. We are asset rich but income poor, they grunted.
Worse still for us, the Oldies like everything to get cheaper except property. So they are smug about Immigration (see IMMIGRATION) and even Ministers get caught using illegals. Oldies have us in a vice between the high rents they charge and low wages. Oldies use Latvian cleaners and Polish builders because they can lose their rental cash and get cheap deals. Former East Europe migrants are saving here to spend back home where house prices are one quarter ours. Buy to lets (see BUY TO LETS) have been fantastic for oldies. 3 rooms including living room with a working couple per room. 6 incomes means 6 rents.

The oldies have been greedy and selfish and have only themselves to blame for the economic crisis. They must take financial hits themselves. We should not, need not, must not share the pain they brought on us all. The oldie generation got free this and free that. It is immoral and villainous of them to expect us to pay off their debts now.
What we suggest is simple. The financial red line has to be drawn. Above it is their debts repayable by oldies. It will make property a lot cheaper when they add up the sums and have to count us all out. When I say all I mean NEETS and non-NEETS, i.e. those of us working.

We do this by VOTING. Like we never did before.

That's the way to send the oldies the message.






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