MP FIDDLERS are ruthless second and third home profiteers, like many oldies.

(Daily Mail 17 March 2010 -- The 232 flipping Mps in second homes fiddle).

VOTE for party which commits to TAX FREEDOM DAY OF JAN 1 for under 30's

What do you associate with "MPs"?
Most likely: corruption, arrogance, greed, excess, or fiddling.

At this time of economic crisis, with 2.4 million currently unemployed (forecast to rise to 3 million) [1], MPs are seemingly unable to analyse the country's problems - they are too preoccupied, with looking after themselves.

While lots of us are struggling to find money to pay the bills, taxes, or mortgages, MPs are skimming the cream off the milk to fatten their capital gains.

Their current annual salary is around £ 70,000 [2].

Additionally MPs receive various allowances ordinary workers do not, - such as covering the costs of running an office and employing staff, having somewhere to live in London and in their constituency, and travelling between Parliament and that constituency.
Their pension pot is as high as £ 300,000, but this isn't enough for the greedier MPs. Remember the scandal with Hazel Blears when it was discovered that she failed to pay taxes on the sale of her 'home' a few years ago, making a profit of £ 80,000? Of course, she claimed she was "the victim of ruthless smear campaign". She is just one of the many property obsessed OLDIE MPs, because individually each has no wealth creating ability.
She could not run a factory because she would not know what to make..!
Until we under 30's intervene, the UK will continue poorly governed, no matter which party is in power. A serious problem - the quality of our political class. Most MPs are experienced only in politics and without practical skills are pliant mugs, easily deceived by economic experts. Ok, Alan Johnson has a 'real life' experience - as a postman. Then again, some of them are also too young (remember Chloe Smith who is the youngest Member of the House of Commons and the youngest female Conservative MP in history).

But these people rule us - our lives and our government - take us to war (see AFGHANISTAN), and waste billions of our hard-earned tax money.

Politicians being the fools that they are need our advice before the next election.

We want to make our lives better, but not by freeriding -- LIKE the privileged few.
We do not wish to follow our degenerate property obsessed
OLDIES led by their MP rat pack.
Do we need MPs at all?! Unfortunately we do.
Winston Churchill once said: "democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all the others". We can identify the new direction. In this world, MPs are still needed, but with less ability to interfere in our lives.

Voting in this General Election is the most important event of our young lives, no matter the degeneracy of those getting our votes.








[1]Telegraph, August 14, 2009, "Alan Duncan's Imprudent Remarks Show He Has no Grasp of the Public’s Anger" by Peter Baker.
Daily Mail, June 4, 2009, "Blears Home Deals Raise an £80,000 Question".