If markets were wrapped in external "morality bandages and rules", then we should witness that Jew rarely exploits Jew, Catholic another Catholic, Muslim a brother Muslim, because of the trust that sharing a faith imbues.
Spectacular cases like Madoff's Ponzi fraud are rare, yet the state has intervened with rules such as cooling off periods after signature. Big brother reckons buyers can not learn from mistakes and sellers think there is a fool born every minute.

So how else can we expect the market to be morally sound, even if co-believers rip each other off? Unless of course every participant in a "bargain" is well known and trusted by every other participant, impossible even before internet shopping...
Since billions of bargains take place every day in the UK alone, imposition of external moral rules by priests or officials is like entrusting the Communist Party to moral guidance. In which case personal identity cards would need to show levels of trustiness, in addition to available credit when the state abolishes cash.
Quite apart from the new rip offs as more trust is delegated to smart cards, who would choose the General Secretary?

From every point of view, including transparency, speed and trust it seems clear that a free market should have natural (not government imposed) and moral (not church taught) laws embedded within its structure. Every bargain can then take place faster, with more exactitude, with more transparency, no matter Jew dealing with Armenian, Chinese with Aryan, Hindu dealing with Muslim, and atheist with Christian.
Also the market is then distanced
i.e. secular and not subject to the whims of over zealous
politicking and fundamentalist religious preaching by corrupt
variants of these "so called" moral leaders.
The "oldies" are deeply corrupted by their "special interests". Instead of bringing "freedoms" to the UK markets they have so wrapped them in monopolies, cartels and special concessions for their privileged selves, that they have abandoned even a pretence of occupying moral high ground. The Church of England is a foremost example of British so called moral leadership embedded in a gigantic web of financial deceit.

Great Britain, the murderous mother of Parliaments, instead of bringing freedom to its inhabitants is active in exporting tax slavery and rigged markets at gunpoint. OLDIES yet again protecting their own special interests by exporting "freedom" i.e. their monopoly interests masquerading as liberation/denationalization/privatization - ...

We under 30's can reshape the market using our mass voting power to remove our tax slavery which rigs capitalism in favour of oldies. OLDIES are prepared even to see us, their children, lose van loads of limbs every year in wars fought against young states or tax slaves whose style of "freedom", our oldies wish to overthrow.

Corruption within our political parties and our religious spiritual establishments can be removed by the UNDER 30's.

VOTE for TAX FREEDOM DAY of January 1 for under 30's