even cram their skeletons into infra-friendly cemeteries, so used are they to hunting down the best locations for capital preservation.

Oldies like to have ready access to tax free capital.
Especially favoured are homes in infra-friendly locations.
In these oldie-intensive, sought after residential locations, the CAPITAL APPRECIATION each year can cancel out other tax payments such as PAYE and NIC and give the oldie a golden tax-free ride.
Capital appreciation can be 5% annually on a well connected £ 400,000 house. This is £ 20,000 a year, nicely cancelling out most of the other tax which the oldie pays.

Golden tax-free rides include infra surfing free rides (transport), education free rides (near good school), university proximity, improving retail or leisure amenities and other "GIFTS" paid by tax slaves elsewhere.

OLDIES especially of the snivelling, supposedly "caring" sort who like redistributing other tax slaves' money are prime ranters when confronted with stories about supposed Benefit Dependency. Occasional lapses of their own or of their children or friends are overlooked... after all they chunter -- we pay our taxes and it is insurance n'est pas?

They express outrage (see BENEFIT DEPENDENCY - VOTE IT OUT) but quietly admit to secret envy for MPs who sneakily voted themselves sufficient expenses to underwrite second and even third home "investments" from which to extract tax free capital gains.


The UK state is probably the worst at INVESTMENT of all the advanced nations. It invests badly and loses billions of taxpayers' capital every year and because it is so appalling at investment, it neither invests nor delegates investment to the private sector on the scale essential for the UK.

Thus, on its present path of state investment misrule, the UK as a whole is sliding ever downwards in its capabilities to endow its population with the results of good investment -- in transport, education, healthcare and security.

The Institute of Directors published a report in April 2010 in which it estimates that £ 500 billion needs spending on INFRA to ensure we have the structure to create wealth and jobs. £ 300bn on energy, £ 130bn on transport,
£ 40bn on water and £ 30bn on telecommunications.

The evidence is out "The Welfare State we're In" by James Bartholomew 2004 and in David Willetts "THE PINCH" 2010. Their conclusions are a bit dim -- too much about poverty and this underlines their own poverty of final analysis.

If INFRA is not invested in (see amazing photos of just one location in Spain where one photo includes a new motorway, several long viaducts, a dam and huge water reservoir and windmills!!! Power, better road connections, water reserves and leisure facilities!!

our INFRA-FRIENDLY-LOCATIONS -- good infra is shown up by property values. Low property values mean bad infra and always Poverty -- it can be rural, inner city or sink suburbs. Parachuting aid into these locations is like dumping water in the Sahara and expecting a harvest.
Infra investment makes the good connections which enable self help out of poverty. What does government have to do?? Get the right formula going for INVESTMENT. The state should not be doing the infra investment but making the right framework including financing so that the thousand of he's and she's who benefit, pay for the infra investment.

Property benefits so property has the job of paying --
(not individuals from tax on their work).