Every day going to the University or work in cosmopolitan London we can barely see native born Brits. You can start learning a new language - especially French, Chinese, or Polish - during your trip in a tube. Some may find it exciting as, no doubt, immigrant culture makes London a more interesting place to live in.

However, those of us who face this reality from early childhood might not agree.

At school (see PRIMARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION) your best playmate's name will likely be Mohammed as it is the third most popular boy's name in England [1]. With an average class size of 30 people, 4 will definitely be from abroad with another tongue than English as their first language. If you attend school in Central London that figure will go up to more than 15. You could say this diversity of culture will help you to better socialize and understand the differences between different groups of people. On the other side, this puts a big pressure on our culture, education system and way of living.

Most migrants espouse rather different cultural traditions from our own. Some migrations will not change UK traditional culture, but others may. For example, Muslims in Britain now number close to two million (over 3%) and rising fast because Muslim families have more children than most of the rest of us [1]. Of course this will bring - has already brought - changes to our culture. Will British culture - which includes our learning in many schools and universities originally inspired by our Christian faith - adapt and survive? Maybe, maybe not.

After finishing school, we all start working. But here again, there are many foreigners working for big companies. According to government figures, more than one third of people working in London were born abroad, mostly in India, Poland, or Ireland [2], who came to the UK in search of better lives.

At the same time, there are plenty of migrants who one can hardly call low-skilled, coming here as refugees and asylum seekers from the world's poorest societies. Often it is the best educated and skilled from such countries moving West because of the threat posed by climate change or governmental collapse in their countries.

You wonder how this affects you? The ones who come illegally, lured by promise of more than survival wages - and there are many of them [3]- become 'hostage' to one 'gangmaster' employer. Semi-slaves, their puny but tax-free hidden earnings undercut the native, legal workforce and create a 'black economy'. Those that bring families put pressure on schools and social housing [4], already in short supply.

Scrap taxes on all workers! KILL THE BLACK ECONOMY! Without taxes to evade, those criminal gangmaster employers would have no reason to smuggle poor vulnerable immigrants into Britain to steal our measly low-paid, currently taxed jobs. The no-tax on native Brits would be the same as the no-tax (now not) paid by immigrants.
All immigrants have their 'home' country. Some will remain in this country for ever, although others decide to move on. Immigrants know that they can always exit within 12 to 36 months to their countries of origin, leaving us with the new changes that affect our culture and society.

Immigration does help the economy (legal migrants contribute more in taxes then they take out in benefits and use of public services [5]). However, when you add in the cost of policing our borders and holding failed asylum seekers in prison awaiting deportation, it might be worth Government spending more to make life in migrants' homelands less intolerable. For example, why should the NHS steal trained doctors from poor countries that desperately need them, saving us an estimated £ 65m a year [6]- not counting the cost of paying for training and unemployed pay of trained British doctors!

It is as true of migrants as of anyone that "there's no place like home" Global inequalities cost the 'wealthy world' dear - but nothing like the misery caused where migrants come from.








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