If already you are working and a wage slave then you are also a tax slave (see TAX SLAVERY). You have no choice about the state taking income tax (PAYE) and NIC (national insurance contributions).

No matter what you hear, each MP wants the state to do more, to be bigger, but better in their way. The cost of a government department doing stuff for you is always hidden from you.

Take your case. Assuming you are reasonably clued up, stay fit and don't smoke weed or drink litres every night. You know you are low risk, health-wise. Every time you leave your front door, you see wheezing, gross oldies heading for their free fixes. Off to the local GP for a free prescription or to hospital for a free patch up, until next time. You try to avoid doctors' surgeries. You have to wait in a stuffy room full of snivelling oldies. You most likely catch something worse than you've got.

So you suffer and pay twice.

, you are wasting your valuable time while possibly catching something worse. (Funny isn't it - how oldies don't mindHealthcare hanging about if something is "free".)
Second, the doctor only sees you for 4 minutes, unlike the 20 minutes for the oldie before you.
The doctor confirms your itch is crabs and says tell your partner to use the same stuff (you vow no more one-nighters).
Net result of your only visit to a doctor in 6 months: cost (of NHS) out of 6 months pay: £ 1850! (paid by you and your employer).

What would private health insurance cost you and 9 of your mates for 6 months? About £ 1850!!

You are being conned into subsidizing oldies and you get nothing back. You still queue and are missing hours of work.

The catch is you are a tax slave and have no choice. Queue up or scratch forever.

Worse still: if you work harder to pay back loans like student debt, as your wage goes up you pay more in NIC. In private insurance: no such ramping up.
This is typical of oldie tax and spend. Taxes are snatched away before you get what's left. Every tax grab ends up moving billions of pounds from us slaves.
Your oldie parents may have conned you into redistribution make-believe. "That tax collected goes to the needy poor, especially children, homeless and other desperados".

Rubbish. Like with NIC, each type of usual tax takes your hard earned money and by hidden manipulation, much of it benefits oldies, especially the already well off!!!

Hard to believe? "FREE HEALTHCARE", paid for by us, is milked by oldies - and the wealthier they are, the better will be the doctors, surgeons and treatments they manipulate for themselves. You will never want to go in to NHS, so let it die out with OLDIES. How?


It means no tax but instead private health insurance...