"A fine is a tax for doing wrong.
A tax is a fine for doing well."

For about 65 years, millions of Europeans lived in fear under laws which were brutal, but probably essential if the horrible Soviet economic system was to work.

In 2010 millions of Europeans live in fear under laws which are legal but brutal, yet essential for EU and Westminster politicians in order that their nasty variant of neo-classical economics can be presented as a BIG success story, wherein Ministers can boast of EU low unemployment, high wages, good health and optimism.
The EU now threatens its citizens with fines and imprisonment under a legal and tax code 10 times more complex than ever the Soviet Union had!!!
To avoid fines and threats, we of the Millennial Generation will abandon old, broken oldie institutions in favour of new strange and flourishing ones, which by definition will be non-repressive. Read TIME 22.03.2010 Reihan Salam "The Dropout Economy".