Profits are really hard to make.
Losses are like rashes and colds, unexpected but seemingly inevitable at first.

If business was easy, we would all be bunking off school at 14 and launching our own businesses. In New Zealand they let 10-year-olds begin businesses, in primary schools on special days. So kids learn how hard it is, how much fun it is, and how much needs to be learned... to succeed. Kids at each school quickly learn what they need to organize a bank and make rules, and issue their own school cash.

Look around your relatives or neighbours.

If many are business people you are in luck. Ask them for holiday work and listen, ask questions and learn, learn, learn. Find out what they buy, where, how much stuff costs. Ask what then happens with what is bought. Then, ask what eventually is sold: where, what prices, what quantity and quality and to which customers and where.

If you are stuck with relatives and neighbours who are oldie wage slaves, don't despair. [This is typical oldie territory: to find a job and stick there, especially where it is hard to be sacked, so in a government department (2 million employees! [1]), local authority (another 2.3 million) other so-called public services (dis-services more like it, see NHS), with 6.093 million [2] oldie and not-so-oldie wage slaves doing paperwork and watching the front line staff try to cope despite these snoopers and tax wasters.]
Try to avoid this dismal financial territory. Try to
get outside the disadvantage of your home territory.

Travel is not about fleeing to where there is more sun, sex and booze and low wages.
It can mean just a few kilometres to where business and business people operate.


Fat, juicy profits are sometimes made by launching amazing products or guessing the market just right. Maybe in fashion, by reckoning on a colder than usual summer.

Ministers get desperate when they see they have inherited a policy cock-up. They can always rely on foaming-at-the-mouth moralists from left and right media to "out the too easy culprits". Dished-out spin merchants can be relied on to invent another excess profit "outrage" so beloved of the Hampstead dinner table, where the truth is too unpalatable.

So-called "excess profits" always result from bad-economist recommendations to a Minister desperate for a quick fix, which years later will have made the situation a million times worse. Economy a bit groggy? Make it easier for idiots to borrow, especially for property investment (i.e. speculation).

This is very popular at the present time but the exact opposite of what is
, namely removal of all tax concessions to residential property.

Read also journalist Justin Fox.

The real excess profiteers over the last BOOM have not been the bankers, or previously big oil. The profiteers have been the oldie fat cats licking away all the property creme. £ 3,000,000,000,000 lapped up in Britain, around £ 12,000,000,000,000 in the good ole USA. Instead of forcing us into a future 50 years of tax slavery - vote for our tax freedom!
Force the millions of oldie fat cats to sick up, say, 10% of property excess profit in 2011, 6% in 2012, 4% in 2013 and then 2% every year thereafter.

View in Journalists all the Keiser Report videos and see for yourself how Max Keiser's good-economists will clap our backs and shout "DO IT"


Exsess Profits

We are in our rights to keep it all!