Did you win a school postcode lottery? Did your parents get you into a primary school and then a secondary school in the top third of the league tables? Have you ever looked at the league tables? Do you remember where your school was in the league tables?

If you are reading this you are probably from a reasonable school. Hopefully a few readers are hardy survivors from the bottom third of shitty schools. Here perhaps one brilliant teacher inspired you.
Why are there are so many bad and failing schools after twelve years of Tory governments followed by twelve years of a high spending, high targeting, new Labour educational activism?
Oldies infiltrate good school areas no matter whether they have children or not. They hog the high ground of educational merit and are too mean to export a share of their location wealth to the low ground inhabited by failing schools. Another way of putting it is this: where you live and the schools in your area can make or break you for life. Tory, Lib Dem and Labour politicians have this godless egotism that a Minister can create magic social-policy interventions for millions of families to overcome the handicap of their shitty locations. Even Christ steered clear of suggesting that his Father could run the Ministry of Social Security. His famous remark to the scribes and Pharisees "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." reminds us that the State is not God's work: it has all the flaws of Man's work. [1]

In London, parents put more that 1 in 5 children into private schools rather than dumping them in a state comprehensive. Why? Because private schools teach better than state ones - over 30% of pupils achieve a trio of "A" as opposed to 8% in comprehensives.

Our government should not attack private schools but get state schools off the sick list.
First lesson for the state is to abandon phrases which begin with the term "social....", like "social equality". Just look at any map of a major British city like London. If an area has good transport connections it takes massive local stupidity (like in Lambeth, London) to keep the area in third world poverty and with bad schools and hospitals. Knocking down streets full of low rise housing to build high rise state housing deliberately creates queues of benefit dependent voters.

Sadly so many densely populated areas are isolated by poor transport due to the meanness of the well off, who live in areas with high property prices. It is as if they are frightened to invest in transport improvements in worse off areas, in case competition from improving areas (homes and schools) lowers the value of their own homes. They feel safe financially if their haven of smug comfort and sought after schools is permanently under siege by queues of desperate parents ready to pay an extra £ 200,000 - £ 400,000 for a home in their area.

They even connive to save a close friend, without £ 25,000 for each of 3 children for private school places, by providing them with a "cheat address". The friend's family remains housed outside in the cheaper street, outside of the good school's catchments area. Another family loses its school places. This year, some 100,000 children were denied places at their first choice secondary as there is intense competition for a place in best schools (10 applications for every place).

In the lowest, crappiest areas, hope is as scarce as sun on an Archangel winter day. Here millions of children from sink estates are permanent losers. Not even school buses are provided to send them to surplus school places in other locations. Bussing can help but oldies are too mean to create these opportunities. They close "surplus" schools and sell off playing fields. Property obsessed oldies will not unlock their wealth unless we shame them.