Economists continue to recommend untested, badly thought out theories as if their job is a science. Their work has an impact on millions of people throughout the country; however, they seem to have professional immunity when they get it wrong.

In business, firms rigorously test new ideas to determine real costs and benefits. If results are not satisfactory, an idea is firmly rejected. The process of conceiving ideas, testing and then either accepting or rejecting is done in an unobsessive, unbiased way. Decisions are taken based on evidence.

Economists fail to follow this basic rule of decision making.
They have many ideas, but few go through a testing process and therefore bad theories do not get rejected as they would in a company.

They are not exposed to the market place and held accountable for their work in the same way that companies are.
If Virgin Trains tries to claim that its trains are always punctual, there would be a deluge of angry letters from customers who know better. The manager who made this claim could even be pressured to resign.
Countries are losing out on potential economic output because of damaging tax regimes. Yet economists suppress facts which list the loss of output from each bad tax such as income tax, where every £billion collected, causes a loss of around £ 3 billion. [See table below for 2000-01]

UK Public Receipts (2009 vs 2001) and Deadweight Losses attributed proportionately to Tax Instruments
Revenue gained
£ bn [1]
Loss per person under-30's
Loss per young person
£ bn [1]
£ bn [2]
Income tax - Net 95.9 155 303.637 35,000  
Corporation Tax 33.8 51.3 107.017 12,500
Capital Gains Tax 3.4 5 10.765 1,200
Inheritance Tax 2.3 3.2 3.641 420
Value Added (Sales) Tax 59.6 83.8 188.704 22,000
Social Security Receipts 58.8 104.6 186.172 22,000
Total Loss £ 254bn £ 403bn £ 800bn £ 93,120 £ 150,000
UK resident population                                     - 61 million [3]
UK working age population                               - 38 million [4]
         inc. young population (16-30 years old)   - 7.29 million [4]:
         young employed                                      - 4.2 million
         young unemployed                                  - 0.7 million
         young inactive                                         - 2.4 million
UK unemployment level                                   - 7.8% [5]

Bad-Economists do not investigate the crippling of thousands, see annual loss of capital to each of us, from this economic thalidomide of governments. Instead they gawp at our unemployment hitting more than 9.5% in Europe [5]. Then write articles where they suggest we are mentally defective compared to their generations since WW2. Oldie Economists and Social Scientists have gained their jobs by joining university and Stink Tank committees that make endless experiments in schools, and then years later, other mental defectives write reports about educational failure, sink estates and gang identity. They refuse to come clean and analyse their 70 year capital grab since WW2, the biggest PONZI PYRAMID ever, financed by their World Trade Centre Twin Towers of debt creation in their banks and in their governments.
OLDIES need to be walled up within their unstable twin towers of toxic debts.
Personally responsible and so threatened by their collapse, the debt towers are theirs to shore up. The GLOBAL PYRAMID erected out of their millions of personal mini-ponzi pyramids, should never be relocated as a "financial time-bomb" into a third tower erected especially for us, labelled "UNDER 30's" or "Generation Future".

We begin to see through the OLDIE greed and cunning.
Hippy behaviour, free love and free lunches - and we pay later.

We need to vote out their tax enslaving, murderous tax-gulag regimes, to see taxes shifted onto property through breaking up the oldie capital grabs: of best locations, best free education, best pensions, best healthcare etc. Force them to TAX-SHIFT onto oldie polluting habits such as oil (petrol and aircraft fuel) and tobacco and alcohol consumption. We need to force oldies to downsize and share what they have.
Russia and China are new kids on the capitalist block and going places,
using more resource taxes than crippling taxes on have-nots like us...