ECONOMIC EXCLUSION - CREATE EXCLUSION from usual taxes if resident in a crap area for more than say 2 years. What is there to lose except the risk of success?

Millions without their own homes as bank security are able to raise bank loans only with extreme difficulty. With no bank account, extreme exclusion usually follows.

Any area where access to work of all kinds is difficult can be classed as an exclusion zone. Workless areas have poor educational and health facilities and only rarely effective transport links to zones with work. Conventional economic advice is to 'get on your bike' to a zone where there is work.
Our economic viewpoint is to question the political norms that suck the energy out of these EXCLUSION ZONES, via conventional taxes such as income tax. Failed policies such as creation of "enterprise zones" always concentrate on the giving of (10-year) tax relief (such as business rates) to firms which relocate into the zone, thus attracting property or "industrial shed" sharks. Our advice is consistent with adding freedom to all - but especially to people who are singularly un-free - in the dumps that are exclusion zones.
Any "Exclusion Zone" should be transformed into a "freezone" by adding a property qualification wherein residence for more than 2 years, say, entitles the resident to income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax exemption for the next ten years.
Thus the benefits of tax competition (IEA book by Richard Teather) would be harnessed internally (instead of reluctantly between states).

Energy released creates synergy.