We are big time buyers of COURSES, BOOKS, MUSIC, RENTS, and non-oldie stuff.

When we buy, a tiny signal of preference reaches the market. Combine thousands of us making the same decision and we influence the shape of things to come. When oldies force us to accept their choices - such as for courses - no signals are transmitted or received.

In the USSR, Soviet art censors could get angry and order removal of 'decadent filth'. Soviet people didn't need TIME magazine or silk suspender belts. When oldie piggies insist we pay taxes on our first incomes, they are forcing us into paying into their piggy banks. Thus millions of choice signals are terminated at birth.

OLDIES no longer press-gang us into national service. So why Tax Coercion?
If we are clever and tough enough to choose to fight in Afghanistan at 17, we are mature enough to decide for ourselves, to be free of tax coercion. Then our signals will merge into the right decisions for services and products for our future - not for continuation of the destructive, toxic, loaded OLDIE products of the last century.
FREEDOM without money in our pockets is an OLDIE ploy to launch us on their credit card, debt-induced ways: the beginning of their brainwashing to make us into clones of themselves. To ensure we become brainless consumers, tied to cartloads of debt like donkeys, oldies will never without our pressure, free us up to be designers of our future.
Read TIME 22.03.10 Reiham Salam, The Dropout Economy.

We are born free, should be happy as kids, should grow into being at home with markets: to see them as friends, whether buying or selling. OLDIE fools knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. They are too old to reform without an electoral kick up the backside.


The NHS can never work. It is the largest employer after the Chinese red army. Remember the game of Chinese whispers - the one about the general in charge...
He calls in 10 deputy generals and instructs all "Send reinforcements we are going to advance". They pass the message on to 10 colonels who each pass the message on to 10 Majors. From the general at the top, by the time the first 1111 officers have got the message, all understand "Send 5 and 6 pence, we are going to a dance".
A TAX FREEDOM DAY of January 1 gives us back our choice.

We can be the first generation to say we will choose new forms of healthcare. In return for not paying income tax and NI we will choose from private health care deals.