Millions of us want to come to London or Paris, or Berlin, or Moscow.
How do the oldies manage to keep us out?
Even out of Lagos, Johannesburg and Nairobi.

If we have our way, the countryside would become mostly empty.
It is not a bad dream to want to live, study, and work in a city with mates around.
It is even better to dream about making a city better than the oldies have made it:
to be a road designer, a metro constructor, a school head master, an art critic;
to contribute to civilisation.
Why have the oldies messed up so many cities, especially as they got bigger?
Some becoming megacities (see Megacities for Privileged Few).
Oldies are not born mean, they just become that way. They are transformed by government special treatment into wealth destroyers of cities. Most live parasitically. They are fearful to combine and cooperate. Their dream is a front door that they can bang shut. The street where they played when young is now a dangerous place fit only for surveillance cameras, parked cars, shoppers, and late night fear.        
The oldies combine more often against something, than for something.
Oldie infiltrators grip power. They try to stop city evolution.
Oldies do not want to recycle their property wealth into new metros or new schools.
They hate their roads being dug up and builders next door.

They worship higher and higher property prices, but want lower prices for
everything else. They have voted maybe 8 times already and 8 times have been
suckered by politicians who promise something for nothing. 

OLDIES become schizoid as they gloat over their increase in property prices
whilst being too dull and work-shy to keep their incomes up with the inflation
they have voted for. They will have voted for 8 governments in a row whose tax
policies would keep property prices rising and because of this, destroy the wealth
creating industries which provided wealth and jobs!