The point of human life is consciousness and that we own up to our mistakes.

If a lion or a bear eats its young - it is nature. We cannot have oldie humans effectively eating their young by destroying their futures with debt. This level of behaviour makes oldies worse than beasts. Many heathen societies believed that their future existence required human sacrifice.

Britain is officially a nation of Christians yet government policies being offered by all parties as the next election approaches require sacrifice of our young.

On the twin altars of financial repayments and environmental recovery.

UK politicians are approaching the May 2010 election with sharpened knives, ready to transfuse our young financial life blood into the sclerotic oldie toxic undead.

In the UK our Millenial Generation needs a boost from its transatlantic brothers and sisters.

Firstly some of them have opted out of university and "jobs" with spectacular results. See essay YOUNG MILLIONAIRES.

Secondly the UK tax drop-outs need a map even if it is a bit vague. Unlike their parents and grandparents, this time around rebellion will be more soft focused and formless so very difficult for adults to grasp.

A very millennial generation essay is stored under Journalists - Time March 22 2010, "The Dropout Economy".
This is like a drumbeat for "OUR WAY -- FREE WAY".