Britain of today is not unlike the late Brezhnev 1970's / early Gorbachev period of the 1980s-1990s.
Drunkedness, women liberated but unwilling or unable to impose self restraint, growing STD worries,
and rules and regulations deconstructing previous civil behaviour.
Gulag humour is dominant because comedians instinctively sense the stupidity and banality that is 2010 Britain - patrolled by humourless apparatchiks, especially police and other public officials whose chief purpose appears to be to criminalize ordinary citizens.

The USSR experience lives on- in Britain's oldie gulag.
Soviets had to hunt for under counter, back door, special introductions, special deals within privileged shops, sanatorium entitlements, veteran passes etc. "Gifts" were offered by the desperate "hunters" and were very acceptable to the holders of under the counter or back door products or to permit-holder-stampers of special privileges unavailable to the majority of citizens.

                         UK Oldies can buy food, clothing, cars and holidays without coupons
                         but the really expensive valuable stuff is not on shelf displays.

Not pleasant to observe UK oldies stagging new issues of kiddie care places, best primary school spots, best hospital beds and surgeons, using their oldie counterfeit currencies --- bogus addresses, lying accounts of income and circumstances, calling in of favours and other lesser public forms of insider dealing.
All consistent with being successful in the city where insider trading is unexceptional...
(a sick outcome when a decent graduate engineer is nobbled by a City firm.
Later he ends up convincing his bonus-obsessed boss that there is at least a 1% chance
that the latest financial whizz is not a swindle so is ready for launch).


More and more computer facilities are helping with the country's national economy.
Their efficient use results in cost cutting and decrease in working hours.
Also, production control becomes more efficient and accurate.
Unfortunately, these facilities are undervalued in some manufacturing sectors.
As a result, the expensive equipment is left out of operation.

Pravda 1968
Great machine, around it we can fit ten clerks.

40 years later 28.10.2008 we read in the Financial Times
"NHS computer records project grinds to a halt":

Progress on the £ 12bn computer programme designed to give doctors instant access to patients' records across the country has virtually ground to a halt, raising questions about whether the world's biggest civil information technology project will ever be finished.'
Estimated costs of the electronic record's system of the 50 million (or is it now 60 million?) patient electronic record's system now approaching that of TRIDENT replacement!

2010 is the 65th anniversary of the UK's citizens plunge into socialism accelerated by the Atlee government's nationalization of the "commanding heights of the economy".
As expected all services or industries brought within government control soon experienced and continue to experience, rationing of choice.
Soviet society symptoms.

Under 30's warning!
Avoid the NHS if possible. It may seriousely damage your health!
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