50 years ago benefits were invented by middle class do-gooders to salve their consciences about working class poverty. At this time workers could be thrown out of work at a few days notice. Over time middle class oldies began shamelessly to hijack benefits from the state and charities. Offspring were encouraged to grab a state flat, take baby cash instead of naming dads and to head queues for handouts. Charity became a great career for hobby subject graduates seduced by good pay, security and lifestyling free of market pressures. Rapidly a high proportion of former sturdy and independent oldie middle class became comfortable as state dependents. Their self interest in 2010 coincides with high levels of state spending. Middle class accents elbowed aside working class socialist warriors of the old labour movements. They stacked the committees and quangos which facilitated the gravy trains flowing to social services, arts, and education. The sums run to hundreds of billions of pounds each year. Getting their share as effortlessly as possible, inevitably becomes the main priority and preoccupation of those in charge and their administrators ---
I want to be independent. My mum says she has always had to work. My dad does alright but without mum we did not get clothes and hols. My mum helps me out quite often. I can live at home if I want to. When I live at home I help her with chores but do not pay rent.
Yeah I suppose you could say I am "mum and dad benefit" dependent.

Government benefits? Like if I get pregnant or get kicked out of home? Well, when I work I pay tax. So it is like car insurance. I get knocked up and the government helps me and my kid with a place to live. No way I could earn enough after tax and rent even to look after myself much less with a baby.

Supposing you had cheaper rent and paid no tax until you were 30?
"Wow! What a thought. What is the catch?"

Well, no benefits for starters and no risky NHS. You could give birth in a private ward!!!
How about that, there must be a sting. Easy now.

You trade tax slavery for freedom. Now read "Tax Freedom Day" (see Tax Freedom Day).

What is so degrading about oldies is that benefits for a few, who were really messed up, maybe from birth, have also become a middle class grab. Even posh graduates get a flat and then apply for housing benefit. The middle class now use the internet and access to welfare as a support for them and their offspring as if they were cashing in insurance policies---
Many oldie landlords conspire in this racket to get higher rents from crap flats.
A vicar's daughter gets pregnant and tells dad: 'I won't take your cash, then I won't have to listen to your sermons'. Later she tells mum how she became financially independent. She gets a flat and child benefits from the state!