The chattering classes from Hampstead, believe there is only one benefit racket.

. Their dinner party outrage shifts into top gear after a Guardian headline "Benefit Racket".
It seems too many people depend on them: old and young, natives and immigrants.

However, the biggest benefit racket of all is one that Hampstead arty farties share with the posh-toffs from Kensington or Mayfair. Billions of trickle-up £ s from PAYE tax slaves to posh piggy banks, via Tax free capital gains.

(If you don't believe me, read GET HOMES OFF WELFARE
See article by JOURNALIST, Justin Fox of TIME 12.10.2009 -- GET HOMES OFF WELFARE)

                 Social benefits

                         Pinter for example could rant for England, not just Hampstead, whilst ignoring the mote
                         in his own eye.

                         Oldies in Britain do depend on benefits a lot - for example Child, housing, incapacity,
                         unemployment and council tax benefit... There are 27 different kinds of 'entitlement' listed
                         on the Government "Benefits Adviser" website [1], although some don't have the word 'benefit'
                         in them. Oldies queue, become experts in form filling and expect their benefits as a rightful
                         top-up on income. Especially after decades of state induced inflation and manufacturing
                         destruction, benefits can provide people with up to £ 13,000 tax free income [2]!

                         We wage slaves, may earn only £ 9,000 and yet see a slice being tax confiscated to go to the
                         job shy. A temporary helping hand may save a person after a tumble, but regular handouts
                         create a make believe world where the recipient thinks he can stay in bed until lunchtime
                         and then yawn, yawn look for a job whilst in the local. They inhabit the 'dependency culture'
                         in which they make-believe that any problem including booze needs, can be solved - or is already -
                         with the help of the generous but dim state and its eager young tax slaves..

                         Benefit dependency is new: our grandparents survived - even thrived - without it. In 1951, only
                          4% of the British population relied on the then chief means-tested benefit: National Assistance.
                         By the time New Labour came to power, the figure had risen to 17% (taking just Income Support)
                         or 27% if other means-tested benefits (Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit) are included [3].
                         Many other benefits, all funded from taxes levied mainly on working people and businesses,
                         come without any means-test.

                         Look at what living on benefits can mean. The majority of council house tenants do not have a
                         job at all [4]. Incapacity benefit attract scroungers, big time. It encourages many people on to this
                         benefit despite health conditions that can be treated. Therapy can help people with lower back pain
                         return to work. However, people are more likely to retire or die than come off this benefit [5].

                         2 out of 5, nearly 1 million London families are dependent on housing benefits. If this were to
                         continue we would be these families and their offsprings' tax slaves for eternity. Each claim costs
                         over £ 80 a week on average and the total bill for claims has risen to £ 16 billion [6]. Instead of
                         promises made by Tony Blair to keep the costs down, they have risen by a total of £ 180 billion in the
                         past 12 years. This seems to be evidence of Labour's complete failure to tackle welfare

We look around and see no end of work that needs doing to make our world and our lives more pleasant. Yet we are forced to pay taxes (expensive to administer) and which destroy wealth creators, so keeping millions out of work, in a state of demeaning dependency, denied 'self worth'.

                Those of us who do get jobs and intend to stay out of benefits, are without our consent,
                sucked into the oldie tax gulag. We are forced into a hard labour regime of working for
                oldies. The oldie benefits' beast needs to be starved to death.

WE MUST VOTE to stop compulsion and to keep our tax and NIC earnings for ourselves.
Then we will have a surplus to make "OUR WAY", that is to create our new lifestyles
and our new businesses.
Read JOURNALIST Reihan Salam TIME "The Dropout Economy".

Clearly this "social benefit" system needs to be changed, but reform alone will not remove the cunning stream of oldies whoBenefits wish to claim "until death us do part". But change doesn't have to be tough only on welfare recipients. Millions of oldies including MPs inhabit a world known to HG Wells. They remain invisible behind front doors and big gates. These grasping, property obsessed beneficiaries of the economic landscape in pockets of really prosperous Suburbscape need financial cleansing even more urgently than do benefit claimants. Jews and Gentiles alike.

You know that MONOPOLIES create theft by stealth.
The millions of oldie property scam beneficiaries have got quietly and massively rich on the back of the longest running BENEFIT RACKET of the lot. The tax free capital gains, prime location racket that gives oldies control of 80% of all annual tax free capital gains via special tax treatment, tax concessions and tax rebates for property owners.
Also known as land value theft - difficult to discover because as Churchill once said "it continues whilst the rest of us, tired from out labours, are asleep".

Fix the silent, insidious 'land grab' and we can give the so-called scroungers back their dignity while saving ourselves a vast 'deadweight loss' incurred
by society through the tax/benefit system [7].                                 "I love you, darling, not for your appearence,
                                                                                                                         but for what you have inside".

OLDIE PROPERTY OBSSESSIVEs and how during the years 1997 to 2007, these mean bastards
trousered around £ 4 trillion tax free.
This is the dough that caused this financial crisis - locked away like in a secondary banking crisis.

                                           THE BANKS OF MUM AND DAD (See BANKS secondary)

When at the next election we vote for the party which gives us a TAX FREEDOM DAY of January 1, we vote to stay outside the oldie tax gulag. This forces the oldie banks of mum and dad, (real estate wealth) to be recycled into oldie benefit use and oldies to chase wealth creation opportunities as they are levied on their stagnant £ 4 trillion property loot.








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