Flushed with unearned property gains, usually referred to as property wealth, but more aptly called property plunder, British,Baltic Investment & Primate Behaviour Irish and Scandinavian "Financial Vikings" headed the packs of financial ape-men who rampaged through Europe up until 2007.

Until 2007 for 12 years, London, Dublin and other large northern capital cities were inflating their "capital wealth" and so giving everyone from Dukes and MPs down to jobless Irish paddies a chance to join the bubble and make a killing abroad at nobody else's expense (until the debts boomeranged onto the locals).

Tabloids like the Daily Mail offered cheap deals to visit Bulgaria, Malaga or Latvia. Broadsheets recommended France, Spain Morocco and Montenegro.

Unlike their ancestors of a few hundred millennia ago, the 1990's marauders did not have to swing from branch to branch or risk being picked off whilst travelling on foot. Nor were the Straits of Gibraltar or even rivers a barrier. Quite the contrary. The marauding ambitions of our modern-day financial apes, baboons and chimps were aided by government paid bad-economist advisers. Transport Ministry advisers and "independent" lobbyists aided by "national (in)security" advisers, championed cheap passenger flights that consumed subsidized benzene. These passenger planes sprayed millions of tons of toxic exhaust chemicals over numbed earth fixed tax slaves under the flight paths and beyond. More toxicity rains down on Brits in a single month than chemical stockpiles discovered in Iraq.

                       The aviation so called "industry" is thus waging chemical war on us, as well as aiding
                                               "financial terrorism" against friendly smaller nations.

                Fact: human genes and behaviour are ape originated. We share innate desires for safe, easy to
                hold and fruitful territory. We covet our neighbours ease and comfort. Our ancestors gibbered
                and fought as packs and with little bloodshed confiscated their neighbours' territory.
                In the 21st century we anthropological ape clones are more sophisticated. After millennia of
                territory conquest by physical warfare and savagery which invited cycles of retribution, we have
                developed weapons of financial conquest. Refinement and practice on our home territories has
                honed our grasp of these slippery implements and after a brief global setback from 2007 to 2011,
                our super-apes will be on the move again.

In the early 1990's northern tribes of Ape packs were invited to take their share of easy financial plunder both at home and in the near abroad. The emphasis was as impelling as it was beastly for the locals.

For example. Make an investment. Shift ape pack funds into the Baltics. Invest in property in Tallin and Riga.

What was available was mostly a one-off opportunity to grab each country's prime locations. Unlike Vikings who had to fight their way in, and then out again burdened with their loot, financial Vikings get special assistance. Their looting is helped by bad-economist-recommended tax concessions for property interests. Financial looters can stash property gains abroad by instant bank transfers.

I'll-mentored former East European states - and also misled electorates along Med coastlines - are now suffering the consequences. Today the supposed investment of the boom, in 2010, morphs into nightmarish financial disinvestment. The first waves of financial plunderers escaped leaving the 2005 to 2007 late entry chumps financially stranded within empty complexes, half-built buildings, empty bars and nightmares. Aided by mayors and corrupt administrations, earlier ape-men looters created illusionary local booms. Loose planning approvals made millions for mayors and their cronies. Financial ape-men encouraged, at first, easy building out of prime, often heritage locations. This kept employment up and local taxes flowing. This easy money enables feasts of road building, school and clinic improvements and investment in stadiums and even local zoos.

The financial weapons work their wonder until the local territory gets so pricey that the last wave of hairy invaders, the too-late "investors" take fright and lose heart. We're off and out they cry.

                What is behind these property hustlers? What drives this pack behaviour. It happens again and
                again over centuries. Read the story of the first Melbourne property bubble of 1890.
                See The Land Boomers cartoon section.
                Recognize the types and the hustles?

The "stepladder cartoon" shows the tension between freeholders and leaseholders.
Freeholds should remain with Latvians in Latvia, Croats in Croatia and Moroccans in Morocco. (Just as resources should not be 'freeholded' to foreign companies) Leaseholds (or concessions) with the right clauses for freeholder and leaseholder running from 5 to 10 or from 15 to 20, or even from 25 to 40 years are the right way to define and protect the interests of all parties.

In particular the parties responsible for infrastructure.
(within leases locals and incomers share these costs)

Stepladder cartoon

and the environment is better protected
because the leaseholds can be subjected to
good environmental conditions
to stop crooked mayors and corrupt developers from wrecking coastlines
and nature reserves.
         See viking cartoon here!
Viking cartoon


Anthropologists and animal behavioural scientiss describe our location grabbing ventures as instinctive monkey pack behaviour. We share 98% of our genes with chimpanzees.

These ancestors of ours are always on the lookout for better territories with surplus grub. They quickly make themselves at home, usually after cleansing the area of the previous tribe. They then defend their home patch noisily and determinedly.

Primitive man acted no differently up to perhaps 8,000 years ago. The earliest discovered tablet records from the middle east settlements already indicate concern over boundaries, land quality, crop yields and share-outs for the rulers. The best land was always subject of dispute or outright war, the reason being that even allowing a large slice of the crop for the rulers, the owners of the best land got leisure: leisure to learn to hunt, to build, to fight, to draw and often time enough to threaten adjacent tribes.

Our primate behaviour is so engrained that right up to today, in 2010 a US president can rally millions of US primates by calling for agression against those who he names as threatening the homeland. The chest thumping and stick waving is left to the un-cool foreign affairs apes and the "defence" preparations to the uniformed gorillas. In no time millions of US chumps are jumping up and down and making ugly faces, because this is in their blood.

"They want our territory!"

We'll show them. We'll grab some of theirs after beating them up.

Here's how
to counter and exploit land grabbing primates from abroad who imagine they are seducing your small and scattered population with buckets of low-carat banana-euros. Scattered you may be but witless? Not a bit!

You put an annual rent on your land, rivers and fields and lease it out to raiders - without a lease they have no rights. Most important: you keep the freeholds.

Small peaceful countries like Latvia need not be plundered by financial Vikings. If Irish and Scots and Danes want a cut of the local action, use leases to force them to bow before the pen (which is mightier than the sword).

Use leases to extract land occupation fees for local improvements.

Deregister "estate agents" and like-swindlers who transact the best territory again and again, at higher fees (and prices) to favoured ape-raiders.







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