Prince Charles                                   Prince Charles

I cannot remember whether Charles is head of the Masons or not. It suits oldies to divert us into imaginary plots and conspiracies within secret societies. These side-dramas divert us and the media from truths. Charles for all we care could be Chief Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan or leader of the British National Party. He heads 20 [1] charities each of which add another few hundred sycophantic admirers. Where Charles and fellow landed aristocrats really stink lies in the bog of taxation. Until satellites began to photograph and survey our landscape the aristos could pretend they neither knew how many acres they held or where they were. Their chief activity     [2]                                            was for hundred of years to acquire more land cheaply. Then years or generations                                                     later, sell little pieces of it, dear (see CHAS Makes WILLS and HAL Financially                                                     Independent).

Queen Elizabeth II
        The Queen

Duke of Westminster
Duke of Westminster

Tiger Woods

                   Tiggger Woods

Clearly hundreds of women would like their children to have Tiggger's genes. And each child to have a slice of Tigger's property assets.